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This is almost all you need to know about the Circus—some things will remain a mystery till you arrive.

But most of all, please remember that Wonderflip is an OUTDOOR EVENT. Please come prepared accordingly. Kindly check back for the launch of our detailed Festival Survival Guide which is coming very soon for all the scoop on gear, clothing, weather, what to bring etc.

Who can enter Wonderflip? All adults over the age of 21 are welcome. Due to the high noise levels and exposed outdoor environment, we would request you to not bring your children. We also do not allow any pets on the campsite or festival area.

How do I get to the festival? Please refer to our information in the “Destination” section- it outlines all the details of where the venue is, how to get there and options for public and private transport from various cities to Khempur.

What do I need to get the amazing Wonderflip Festival band? You will need a copy of the ticket (PDF) sent to your email either on your phone or as a print out along with an ID matching the booking name. If multiple tickets are on the same booking, the ID of the person who made the booking is required to collect the welcome kits from the desk. Please also note that all guests entering the venue must have a valid government ID on them at all times. You will be allowed re-entry with the band to the festival any time during the weekend.

What happens if I buy a ticket and cannot come? There will be no refunds for tickets once bought. However, tickets may be transferred to a friend. Please email us with the exchange details at Ask the new person using the ticket to carry this email on their phone or on a print out to show at the ticket booth. Please also carry a copy of the credit card or ID of person who originally bought the ticket, as well as an ID proof of the person who is now using the ticket.

What are the timings for the festival? Doors will open at 10:00 am on Thursday 9th November 2017. The opening ceremony will start at 5:30 pm on the same day. The festival campsite, and with it all options for food and drinks, will close at 4:00 PM on Sunday 12th November. As of now, line-up and set times are subject to change. Kindly refer to the line-up enclosed in your welcome kit for timings, or follow the live updates at the Circus Bazaar and Oasis Deck areas for daily line-up.

What can I get to eat and drink at the festival? We will have gourmet cuisine round the clock at our Circus Bazaar food area, along with several points of sale distributed throughout the venue for alcoholic and soft drinks, water and juices. Free water will be available at various points on the site at our refilling stations. You will never go hungry or thirsty at Wonderflip!

How do I buy these amazing drinks and food at the festival? We have the amazing Wonder cash, which will open up the world of the festival for you – Wonder cash can pay for all things inside the venue. This can be purchased at many points at the festival by both cards and cash, but to make it even easier, one can buy it online while purchasing their ticket. If you have already bought a ticket and would like to buy Wonder cash online, please do not forget to mention your ticket number (as on the PDF sent to you) so we can ensure it is part of you welcome kit! Get started as soon as you arrive, no lines, no waiting! Just a note, the closest ATM’s are 30 minutes away, so please plan accordingly.

Apart from seeing the amazing performances, what else can I do? There are a host of activities offered by our team—we have village activities which will get you to experience rural life (check Circus Village Life) and a host of amazing interactive art installations all over the venue (check Art). Check the line up in your welcome kit for timings for all these. Spend an afternoon at the spa, take a horse ride into the nearby forest, relax and enjoy sunset cocktails at the Oasis deck, or simply, lounge around in one of our many chill areas and read a book. We got you covered!

Where will I take a shower or go to a washroom at the festival? Extra emphasis on clean and functional facilities is a key feature of the festival. Every guest staying on site will have their own private ensuite shower and toilet-kindly refer to your welcome letter in your tent or hotel room for details on the water supply. For all our off-site guests staying at hotels, there will be plenty of clean toilets in the haveli area, near the Circus Bazaar and around the dance floor for your use. Use the festival map from your welcome kit to find their locations or look out for the maps placed strategically around the venue.

Will I be able to lock my valuable at the festival? The festival organizers are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Please lock up your valuables in your vehicles or leave them at home. Incase you do carry something with you we have a limited number of lockers available at the info-booth – kindly check with the festival crew upon entry for reserving your own locker for the weekend. There will also be parking available at a public lot near the festival. Wonderflip is not responsible for damage or theft to vehicles or vehicle contents. Please remove your keys and valuables and lock your vehicle when it is left unattended and place all valuables in your locker. Parking charges shall be paid directly to the attendants on site.

Will I be searched at the festival? At Wonderflip we put extra emphasis on the safety and security for all guests. Everyone and everything (including vehicles) are subject to search at all entry points- kindly cooperate with our staff, which are only there for your own safety and care.

What if I don’t feel well at the festival? We will have a 24/7 ambulance and medical team on site equipped to handle all kinds of emergencies. The team is your friends and is there to take care of you. If you or someone from your group feels unwell or just want to sit down and relax away from it all, please follow the signs and find them. This is what they are there for!

I am not staying on site, how do I get to the festival from Udaipur and back again? We have listed a concierge service option on our site (link) ticket page ( where which you can pre-book your cars with us – just click the box while buying your ticket and we will contact you for bookings. Also, check with your hotel for cars to bring you here and take you back. We advice most people to retain their taxis as this area doesn’t have a taxi stand close by, and we do not want you stuck without a way back home. We will have some taxis available at our parking lot, but this is not guaranteed! And also please DONOT drink and drive! Please ensure you and your friends take a taxi to get home safe.

Where do I stay during the festival? We have a large campsite of almost 250 luxury full-service tents: you can buy a two bed or a three bed tent from our Ticket section ( If you would like to stay in a hotel close by, there are lots of options to choose from in Udaipur; use our handy guide (LINK HERE TO PDF) that is also available on tickets page to pick from a few which we have pre-selected for you!

Items Welcome/Encouraged at the Festival:

  • Cell phones/ cameras
  • Personal performance gear (hula hoops/pois etc.)
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Blankets
  • Umbrellas
  • Half tents/shade items for you and your friends
  • Folding chairs/camping gear
  • Crazy costumes
  • Super head-gear
  • Personal instruments (drums, djembe etc)
  • Amazing attitude
  • Lots of smiles and hugs
  • Sparkles, fairy dust and magic spells!

Prohibited Items at the Festival:

  • DRUGS – Wonderflip is a ZERO TOLERANCE TO DRUGS zone. Those found with any illegal substances or paraphernalia shall be immediately escorted off and out from the festival.
  • No WEAPONS or firearms of any kind allowed at the venue. Anyone carrying these shall not be allowed entry to the festival.
  • Outside alcohol or any kind of drinks – we keep our prices low just for you, so enjoy the service provided by our amazing bar tenders for the weekend.
  • Drones—please donot bring personal drones to the festival. We promise to capture your spirit and memories in all their glory
  • A bad attitude – leave that at home for sure. There is very little we don’t allow into our world so please respect each other and us and make this an experience to remember.

Finally, some Wonderflip gems:

  • Be kind to your body – this is the great outdoors and we have to respect the elements. Stay hydrated, don’t forget to eat food, use plenty of sunscreen in the day and stay warm in the evenings. A healthy you is a happy you, and in turn it makes for a happy Wonderflip family!
  • Take care of those around you. At our festival, we are all one – share a smile, offer some water, watch out for your friends and camp family, both old and new. We at Wonderflip believe that a great festival experience comes from taking care – of each other, of the local community and the earth. So be kind, be respectful, and share the love.
  • Finally, pace your self – there is no rush, we are not going anywhere and this is all here just for you! It’s a long weekend festival holiday! Have a dance, try the spa, take a walk, take some time and chill, and we promise you will leave us smiling and refreshed.