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As you make your way down the Forbidden Path, past the Tree of Wishes towards the Well of Death, don’t say we didn’t warn you …..This is just another day in the life of Wonderflip. Our family of amazing artists and imaginative creators have come together to inspire to life installations that will take your breath away.

Royal Enfield’s Stunt Zone

This is the largest and most jaw-dropping installation that you will see at the event. When you climb the stairs up to the top of the well and look down into the incredible sights that behold you, don’t say we didn’t warn you! Stunt riders on special circus Enfield’s shall be doing swoops and loops that will make you gasp, and without doubt a few screams of terror shall be heard as well. Check out your line up to know when the well will be running their stunts during the festival.

The Spirit of the Circus

by Gaurav Gupta

She greets you when you walk in and watches over the entire festival from her perch—she is the spirit of the circus, the soul of every artist, that smile on the face of the dancer, the giggles shared between friends, her delicate touch lies on every part of the show. As the day fades to twilight she transforms, coming to life with light and color. Find her and make your wishes, she is sure to keep your secrets.

The Room of Reflections and Illusions

by Klove Design Studio

From a universe far away, the pixies working at the amazing Klove Design Studio captured the light from a dying star, stole stardust from the milky-way and bottled a bit of the sun’s golden magic just to make this room for you. Open only in the evening time make your way to discover a world of lights and mirrors that will take your breath away.

Let It Out!!!

What looks like a pile of old junked cars transform into beautiful pieces of art, all decorated by you and your friends. Take a chance and express your inner creative genius as you transform these into art using spray paint and color. And then, when all seems fine and sundry, we yell “Let It OUT”. Take a hammer, pick up a rod, smash it, break it and take it all out. We believe you need it!!

Nicobar Edit’s

“The Tea Lounge”

This winter The Nicobar Edit is headed to the rustic Khempur for the year’s last stop. Spanning two magical days and three sunsets, between November 9 and 11, we’re sealing a year of new beginnings with The Edit at Wonderflip. Sip on some Himalayan tea from Pahadi Local, shop from our rich emotive selection of fabrics or rejuvenate with a massage, The Nicobar Edit is for the truly indulgent.